Update: Treatment for Amber’s Voice

update ambers treatment

We wanted to send a quick update about the journey Amber has been on concerning her voice.

Since our last post about Amber we have discovered a few things.

First, the doctor has confirmed that Amber has Spasmodic Dysphonia (a condition where the vocal cords spasm and constrict involuntarily). Amber was relieved to finally have a little clarity on what has been going on over the past few years with the decrease of her vocal strength.

Second, the doctor said there is a treatment option that has been effective in helping people with Spasmodic Dysphonia, and has been in use since the early 1980’s. With this news, we decided that we should try and see if this treatment option would help bring back some normalcy to Amber’s vocal function. So yesterday afternoon we went in for her first treatment.

The treatment involves an injection going through the front of the neck and directly into the vocal cords. It works to decrease the spasming and relax the vocal cords. The magical solution that they inject? BOTOX. Amber never thought she would start Botox injections so young, but here we are! Each treatment should work for about 3-5 months and takes a few days to a few weeks to begin to take effect. Yesterday’s treatment went very well, but it will take a while to figure out the effectiveness of it.

We are thankful for so many who have been keeping her in prayer and checking in. We are hopeful that this will help bring some normalcy to her vocal function!

We will keep you updated.

Tyler and Amber

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