To my black brothers and sisters, I am sorry

To my black brothers and sisters, I am sorry.

You have lived with a pain, weight and burden for far too long in this land. I am sorry that it has taken so many videos for us to begin to see it.

I am sorry.

 In order for this to stop, something — someone needs to start

We can’t wait for it to start with someone else. Let it start with me. Let it start with us.

We stand with and we stand for our black brothers and sister. 

We see you

We hear you

We love you

We NEED you

Nobody can do everything,

But everybody can do something.

We will listen

We will love

We will learn

We will cry

We will journey

We will care

We will protect

We will defend

We will serve

We will not stop

It matters because YOU matter.

  1. Thanks so much for caring and being one of the very few for saying something. We appreciate you😊!

  2. Ny heart breaks with each brother and sister murdered. The helplessness grows & unrest increases. I appreciate your taking a moment to share, to see & to hear our ever continuing wailing of grief.

  3. This is Beautiful and Amazing thank you for sharing Gods Love Gods Words Tyler Solli Gods Blessings

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