Sent or Dismissed

As a high school student I can remember the feeling clearly. It was the final period of the day. If I close my eyes, I can still see the red LED numbers with the time growing closer to the final bell. Once it rang, it was a reminder – that part of my day is over and now I can get on to life as normal. I was finally dismissed from my responsibility to be at school.

Our perspective in life shapes not just what we see, but how we respond and react to what we see. As a follower of Jesus, He welcomes me in to a place where my perspectives and my responses are continually transformed to what He desires.

This weekend, many people will gather at their local church to worship Jesus, learn from scripture and experience community. At Life Center we meet at multiple locations across the greater Tacoma area. We are passionate about KNOWING JESUS and MAKING HIM KNOWN.

It is why we do what we do.

Yet for some (myself included), I wonder if it is time for a perspective shift.

It can become easy to approach church as something you do. It is something you attend. When it is over, when the “bell rings” we have this feeling of being dismissed and we can resume life as normal. We can get back to our to-do lists and our responsibilities in “real life”.

What if we had a perspective shift?

What could happen in your home, your school, your work place or in your city if you saw the close of a church gathering not as a dismissal? What if it wasn’t the closing bell – signaling that segment of life is over? What if we didn’t live with an “until next week” or “until next time” perspective?

Instead, imagine what could happen if we lived as people who are SENT OUT?

What if this weekend, when the gathering closed at your church, it wasn’t a sign that something was over but instead, the assignment was beginning? What if we walked out of church as the church? What could happen in your home, your school, your work place or in your city if the close of a church gathering was a signal that it is time to be sent?

I think we would be shocked at all that might happen.

  1. This is so good. Great reminder that the assignment isn’t ending but beginning to take what we learn and then “go” and apply it.

  2. This is so good! I had this personal perspective change about 2 years ago, but really started putting this into practice about 9 months ago. I pray for God to open doors and opportunities daily. It’s incredible once you start seeing things from this lens. The grocery clerk, mechanic, barista, etc all become opportunities to share the good news. 😊

  3. I love this perspective and example. Lately I’ve been thinking of how I can be effective in this way in our communities. Timely and accurate!

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