Self Leadership

Foundations are important.

There is no way around it. If you are going to build something that is solid, it is going to take the right foundation.

When it comes to leading others there is an important foundation to remember: how I lead myself.

We lead out of who we ARE, not just what we KNOW. If I am going to lead others well, I must lead myself well.

If I am going to lead others well, I must lead myself well.

Here are a few questions to consider when it comes to the idea of self leadership:

My life decisions, attitudes, actions and thoughts are taking me somewhere right now. Where am I headed? Is where I am leading myself a place that I want and need to lead others to? Am I leading myself in the right direction?

If I am in a role that is leading others, I must make the decision to continue to grow. Where is growth currently taking place in my life? Where is a lack of growth being seen and felt? Am I leading myself to grow?

Are there areas in my life and leadership that need to change? If I am unwilling to change it communicates a lot about how I am actually leading myself. Am I willing to lead myself to embrace change?

  1. This is great, thanks. Love the look of this blog. Clean, hope you’re doing well man. It always looks like you are. Keep the wisdom coming.

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