New Testament in 30 Days

I threw out a challenge to those who wanted to join me in the first 30 days of the new year in reading through the New Testament. If you are looking to build some new muscle, it is always good to do things to stretch you and to have a plan.

This plan will average around 9 chapters a day. Most readers can accomplish this in about 30 minutes. Think about that: if you exchange one 30 minute Netflix program a day, you can read through the entire New Testament in a month.


I hope that as you dive in to this plan, you will be stretched and you will see the storyline of the New Testament in a whole new way.

You can download the NEW THRU 30 bible reading plan here

Some helpful resources:

Here are a few things I would recommend to get the most out of this journey.


Take a little time after reading to write down one key verse, thought or idea that stuck out to you. Reflect on it and pray over it. A great method for this is called S.O.A.P.

S- Scripture: What is a verse or passage that stuck out to you? Write it out in your journal under “S”

O- Observation: Why did it stick out to you? What are some observations that you have about it? Write this out in your journal under “O”

A – Application: What will you apply to your life in light of what you just read? How will you live, think or respond differently? Write this out in your journal under “A”

P – Prayer: Take a few minutes to write a short prayer about your reflections. Write this out in your journal under “P”


Another important tool in bible reading is to always ask these questions, and ask them in this order:

  1. What does it say?
  2. What does it mean?
  3. What does it mean to me?

This helps you to keep things in context. The bible is for you, but it isn’t only about you. Keeping this in mind helps you to understand the authors intent and original audience, and then you can apply that truth to your life today.

The Bible Project

There is a great resource for you available from the friends at the Bible Project. They have put together introduction videos to every book of the bible to help you understand the structure, the author, the audience and important elements of the bible.

You can find their videos here or on YouTube.

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