Moving beyond ‘WHAT’ I am thankful for


Today is Thanksgiving Day. Food, family and football will once again be on the agenda of many (trust me that it is on mine!). Kids are out of school, many business are closed and the pace of our nation seems to slow down just long enough for people to hopefully be thankful.

The stress and the rush of preparation seems to fade quickly as families gather around a table to share a meal.

This year, in addition to reflecting on WHAT I am thankful for, I am taking time to think through WHY I am thankful.

It is probably somewhat easy to come up with a list of things that we are thankful for.

Family, friends, homes, food, salvation, freedom, grace, the Seahawks beating the 49ers on Thanksgiving Day (fingers crossed)…

But WHY am I Thankful?
[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]WHY AM I THANKFUL?[/quote]


Am I full of thanks today because things have gone the way I wanted or the way I planned them out? Am I thankful because because the “pros” have outnumbered the “cons” in the past few months? Am I thankful because, compared to many around the world, I am in a “better condition”?


The WHY of thankfulness is much deeper than our list of things. Living a life of Thank You goes beyond a Thursday of November food and football.

Here is WHY I am thankful: I don’t deserve any of this.

My actions, wisdom or effort is not the source of any of the blessings in my life. Every blessing is simply and profoundly a gift of God’s grace toward me through Jesus Christ.

WHAT I am thankful for will come and go. Some will remain the same, but others will change. WHY I am thankful is much more lasting.

I have much to be thankful for this year. My guess is that you do as well.

But, WHY are you Thankful?


Share your thoughts. I would love to hear your ‘WHY’!

  1. Why am I thankful? Too many reasons to list them all. I am thankful that things have gone in my favor and there are more pros than cons in the proverbial accounting ledger of life, but the WHY, Christ living in me, in my wife and three boys and that my entire immediate family serves The Lord, for an amazing church family that loves each or us for who we are and we for them. For the freedom to live openly for God without true fear of repression or government interference, for new friends that I made this year while cycling and serving God, that my health and strength all come from the God who gives and takes away and I choose to serve Him in the good times and bad times, in excess and in shortage, in times of loss and in times of winning. My hope and thanks are built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness…to steal a few words from a great hymn.

  2. Great question, Tyler. This made me stop and really think. I am thankful because I am not who I used to be by the grace of God.

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