Get the car MOVING

I heard an interesting quote today: “It’s easier to steer a car when it is moving.”

Now I know that’s not rocket science, but it sure spoke some things to me. Here is what I mean: so often in life we want things to happen. We want to be “over there” or we are looking for this or that to happen. The truth is that we often never see those things come to life simply because we are not moving in that direction…or maybe we are not moving at all.

I know throughout my life there have been some awesome dreams and visions that I have seen come to pass. None of them have ever happened by just sitting there. I had to move to see it happen.

I recently sold my 1970 Dodge D200 step-side pick up truck. It was a huge, green piece of lead with four wheels and an engine…and that’s about it. No power windows, the doors didn’t lock, no power breaks – AND NO POWER STEERING. I did not notice the lack of power steering when I was driving down the road. But the few times that I had to try and parallel park or squeeze into a tight spot…you really noticed.

Life and our walk with Christ can be like that at times. When you are not moving, it is very hard to turn the course. Complacency kills – dreams, vision, faith – it simply kills (Prov. 6:9; Prov. 24:33). Maybe you find your self in a season right now where you want things to be different – you want change, you want excitement, you want more – but you are sitting still. You are that parked car. A word of advice…get moving, and it will be easier to accomplish those things that are in your heart!

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