Dear Life Center Rainier

Dear Life Center Rainier,

I wanted to write a note to say thank you for the way that you have leaned into this season as a church community. I have been encouraged to see how the ministry and the mission continue to move forward as we navigate changes and adjustments throughout all of Life Center and its campuses. As your pastor, I want you to hear from my heart the gratitude that I feel as many of you have felt the impact of what Life Center has been navigating and how it has brought adjustments and additions to my role, now serving as Interim Pastor for Life Center. This past Thursday, many of our members met for a forum hosted by the Life Center Board. For those who were unable to attend, you can find a summary of the night in the board’s statement by clicking this link. With the departure of Dean Curry and the shift in my role, I can’t say thank you enough to those who continue to not only carry the mission in your heart, but continue to help collectively push the mission of Jesus forward in our assignment in the (253).

Thank you for those who keep serving in the midst of change and adjustments.
Thank you for those who show up faithfully every weekend, not driven by who might be on stage, but driven by an understanding that you are a part of the Body of Christ.
Thank you for those who have sent notes, text, made calls and prayed for Amber and I and our family.
Thank you for those who have been faithfully praying for all of Life Center.
Thank you for those who have been praying for our board members and their families.
Thank you for those who have been praying for those who have been hurt and continue to process their pain.
Thank you for those who have been praying for Dean and Anne and their family.

I have a few commitments and requests that I want to make for you as Life Center Rainier:

We will not stop doing what Jesus has assigned us to do!
I love that every week people are meeting Jesus through the ministries that happen in our community and in our church. We have an assignment and as Life Center Rainier — we can’t and we won’t stop. 

Prioritize the MISSION more than the PREFERENCE.
We all have a certain way that we like things done. We also grow accustom to how things have been. It is important to remember: with change comes change. Change is never easy, and because of this, we must prioritize the collective MISSION of Life Center and Life Center Rainier over our individual preference.
(For more on this idea, you can read a post I wrote about it by clicking here)

Show up ready to receive each weekend.
Your involvement through serving, giving and attending are vital! I want to commit to you as Life Center Rainier that every weekend, no matter who might be on the stage, we will go into scripture together. We gather to hear from Jesus and His Word — not just a specific person to deliver it. So for those who have been tempted to ask “Who is speaking this weekend?”, can I encourage you to ask “I wonder how Jesus wants to speak to me this weekend?”.

It takes a TEAM.
I am so thankful that God has put a team of pastors and leaders here at Life Center Rainier for such a time as this! The only way I can serve Life Center is because of the team we have. Not only that — but we also have an incredible team of volunteers who are making things happen seven days a week! We can’t do what Jesus has asked us to do without you.

Thanks for taking these steps of faith with us. Know that you are in Amber and my heart. When we are not at Life Center Rainier, we are thinking about you and praying for you. We have been blessed by our staff and we know that the greatest days are in front of us!

We are in this together!

Tyler Sollie


P.S. We did the Puyallup Fair and hit a new milestone: all three of our kids were big enough to ride the Classic Coaster this year!

  1. Tyler, your message is spot on and expressed in such a meaningful and beautiful way. Thank you for your wisdom and your love for Jesus and the entire community. We appreciate your leadership, hard work and the commitment that you and Amber have made to Life Center Church.

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