So it’s shortly after 2 am. I should be sleeping, but I’m not. It’s moments like this that create space to lean into Jesus in new ways.

It’s quiet. It’s silent. It’s dark outside.

Not much distraction at 2 am. Not much of anything at 2 am — except an opportunity.

“An opportunity for what?” you may ask.

An opportunity to pray.

That’s right. I prayed for YOU.

I prayed for each person that will read these words. I prayed that Jesus would meet you where you are at and bring comfort, love, joy and peace. I prayed that you would sense and experience His nearness. That in a fresh way today, you would be reminded that God is also Abba – a loving Father that you can run to.

I pray that this simple message is a reminder that God sees you.

God loves you.

God cares for you.

You are not alone in what you are navigating or facing. Jesus is Your Prince of Peace. He is our Good Shepherd and He knows how to lead His sheep.

Rest in that today.

Rest in His love.

Rest in His care.

Rest in His presence.

Thankful for the opportunity to pray for YOU.

  1. Balm for my soul. Thank you. i know it would have been easy to lay there in bed tossing, turning, feeling frustrated and tired. I appreciate you getting up, praying for your brothers and sisters, putting your thoughts into words, and then sending them out to us. Your actions make me feel special and cared for.
    Many blessings to you and your family.

      1. I appreciate the prayer. I also heard people around the world are praying the Lord’s Prayer at 12:00 PM daily Carol Howard

  2. Thanks Tyler, I stumbled upon your page & prayer and it was just what I needed to hear. I miss seeing you and your sweet wife at LCR.

  3. Bless you for your leadership, Tyler. Thanks for the 2am prayer. I felt the Holy Spirit comfort my body when I read the words. Grateful to know the Savior! We just returned to Life Center and I was exploring the app.

  4. Thanks for your Pastoral prayer. Better late than ever. Finally had time to browse & found your blog. Jehovah God is good all the time. We have a great congregation. I’ve been blessed. For several years I had the opportunity to officiate Boys Basketball games at Life Christian. Mid-school& Hi school. I worked girls softball team before they folded . Well age has a way of catching us. Time to retire. Ha ha. Now I’m employed at TMobile park. What a crazy year. But Gods way is good. BE BLESSED.

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