4 Reasons Why We Do NW Youth Conf (and you should too)

NW Youth Conference is just around the corner. Each year students from across Washington and North Idaho come together for a weekend that is designed to be much more than another church gathering. Here are 4 reasons why we do NW Youth Conference:

1. IT’S FUN.
I’m sure some of you were expecting a more spiritual reason up top. Probably bummed out that I didn’t go with a classic “Sunday School” answer. But lets be honest…God enjoys it when His people are having fun. One of the reasons we do NW Youth Conference is so students can have some fun…together…with students from all across the region.

One of the ways NW Youth Conference impacts us is we leave understanding that we are a part of something BIGGER than just us. I think this is important for students to understand. Often, young people can feel like they are all alone in this thing called Christianity. Being in an environment of a few thousand people worshiping Jesus helps put things in perspective.

It is healthy for our student ministries to understand this as well. God is moving throughout the Northwest and beyond. We are a part of something much bigger than just us. We are a part of God’s Kingdom!

We want students and leaders to be inspired. Inspired by how great God’s love is for them. Inspired that the Gospel is for them. Inspired that the message that has changed their life can change the life of someone else.

Everything that goes into NW Youth Conference is about seeing lives transformed. When you get a student (or a youth pastor/leader for that matter) in an environment where Jesus is the focal point, lives are changed. Every year we see students put their faith in what Jesus has done for them. Every year we see leaders and youth pastors refreshed and encouraged. Every year we see God do what only He can do – TRANSFORM lives.

We would love for you to be a part of NW Youth Conference this year!


Here is some more info about the event:
October 11-12
New Life Church – Renton, WA

Scotty Gibbons
Al Force
Mark Zweifel
Tyler Sollie

United Generation

Special Guests:
Nick Vitellaro
And More…

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