14 Marriage Investments We Consistently Make

Today Amber and I celebrate 14 years of marriage. Through the highs and challenges, we have learned a few things. Here are 14 things we practice consistently:

1) Ask your spouse, “How are you doing?”

2) Pray for your spouse daily.

3) Take care of your soul and your body.

4) Ask your spouse, “How can I help or bless you?”

5) Do something active together regularly. (not like that guys…we will get to that later)

6) Make time for just the two of you. Never stop dating.

7) Ask your spouse, “What can I do better at?”

8) Honor your marriage with how you speak about it to others.

9) Trust God by honoring Him first with your finances.

10) Serve your spouse to meet their needs.

11) Make two phrases consistent and authentic in your vocabulary: “I love you.” and “I am sorry.”

12) Find some marriage mentors who are further down the road than you and get their investment.

13) Grow spiritually together. (attend church together, share what you are learning from scripture, talk about how good Jesus is)

14) Practice making babies. (You’re welcome fellas)

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