Here we go…

So, here we go.

In a continued effort to keep connected with friends, family, students and others in our church, here is my blog. The goal: to share thoughts, ideas, insight, fun, and glimpses of life.

Currently, at 29 years old, happily married for over 5 years, two healthy sons, a youth pastor at the greatest church I could ever work at with students that we love and truly want to see the best for – life is awesome. This summer has been full of good things: the birth of our second son (Justus Tyler), an amazing summer camp for our student ministry (i will share more later about that), days with my wife just hanging out and laughing together, watching the movies CARS too many times to count with our oldest son Judah, sharing moments with friends, family and people that I care about. I am enjoying life.

And I think that is where God truly desires us to be. Jesus said that He came that we could experience life to the full (John 10:10). I never want to settle for anything less.

My goal: slow down, enjoy the moments with my wife, enjoy the moments as my sons grow, enjoy the thrill of watching students “get it” in their relationship with Christ…simply put – ENJOY LIFE.

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